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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

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  • This is a ultra-thin layer of chemically treated tempered glass with 9H Hardness rating.
  • 9H Hardness rating even exceeds the hardness of steel. As the glass is only 0.3mm thick, it will retain full touch sensitivity.
  • This screen protector is made of Shatter-proof glass and has an Oleophobic coating that prevents scratches, smudges, fingerprints and other contaminants.
  • Once the glass is released on the phone, the silicone adhesive doesn't allow any bubble formation.
  • If the glass is removed, it doesn't damage the surface of the iPhone in any way. It is reusable.
  • Even the sharp objects like knives can't damage this tempered and processed shield.
  • If broken, the Tempered Glass breaks into small pieces that  are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products.
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