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MacBook Pro 13" Plastic Hard Shell Case with Printed Designs & Keyboard Cover (A2159, A1989/A1706/A1708 with & without Touch Bar)


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SKU: macbook 13 printed designs
ENAPY MacBook 13" cases are durable and are made from tough plastic. The bottom panel of the case is transparent. (Only Wood Rings 1 design has a Black bottom Panel).

There are 4 models compatible with the designs in the listing. They are A2159, (2019 model) A1989, A1706 and A1708. Models A2159, A1989 and A1706 are with touch bar.

The Hard Shell Cover contains a layer of rubber oil paint for a smooth rubberized exterior texture to prevent damage from Slipping, Scratches, Dirt, and Smudges.

4 Rubberized supports are designed to keep your Mac Pro Laptop Notebook Stable and Secure. Bottom Shell Case Cover provides ventilation for maximum heat dissipation and disbursement.


Package Contents: 1 MacBook Pro 13" Case and a keyboard cover.

Additional Information

Shipping Weight 11 oz
Design/Finish Matt Finish
Material Plastic
Package Dimensions 10" X 16"
Item Location USA

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    by Lo on 07-11-2020


    The item is well equipped. I mean went above and beyond to get me that specific one. Definitely recommend, communication was extremely formidable.